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Lance Mackey Iditarod Hat

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  • Real fur hat worn by World Famous Iditarod musher Lance Mackey.  This hat is a one of a kind with a velcro strap, lower back neck and completely lined with sea otter fur.
  • Real fur hat made for the rugged outdoors of any cold weather environment.  This hat is completely lined with sea otter fur and the outer shell is composed of real seal fur.  The combination of these two furs is why the most famous Iditarod mushers in the world wear my gear.
  • Side Profile of real fur hat made for Lance Mackey
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  • Another photo of 4 time Iditarod and 4 time Yukon Quest Champion posing with his new hat.
  • Lance Mackey posing in his Iditarod hat Side view.  This view shows how the fur hat contours around the neck with maximum coverage.  This hat will not only keep your head warm but your neck will also stay nice and cozy even in the most extreme environments like the Iditarod.
  • This photo shows 4 time Iditarod champion emphasizing the back of the hat.  He loves the length knowing his neck will stay warm in the -40 F and 50 mph winds during the 2015 race.
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I designed this hat for 4-time Iditarod Champion, 4-time Yukon Quest Champion Lance Mackey.  This hat is designed for the extreme cold with a long back to keep your neck warm.  It also wraps around your kneck contouring to your shoulder and wraps all the way around your chin.  The strap is made of Velcro to ensure a tight fit.  The velcro also allows you to fold the earflaps back.

Seal Fur is naturally water repelent and windproof.  Sea Otter fur has up to 1,000,000 hairs per a square inch.  With the combination of these two furs, this hat in my opinion is the warmest and most functional hat on the planet for the avid cold weater adventurist.

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  1. Glad I finally made the purchase

    Posted by MARTIN L YOKOSAWA on 22nd Jan 2018

    I wish I purchased the Lance Mackey Iditarod Hat when I first saw it three years ago. It is well worth the price if you spend time outdoors in frigid weather. I am outside every day for at least an hour working my dog and still-hunt unprotected many hours at a time through mid-January. For bow hunting the hat can be a little quite due to the seal skins properties.

    I live in the upper Midwest where we regularly receive prolonged direct artic blasts of weather. My wearing experience has included calm single digit weather to minus teens cold with -40F wind-chill. At the coldest temperature I was outside a full 8 hours without an inside-break and never became cold. I also have Baffin Endurance boots and Beaver skin mitts with thick wool glove liners. My next purchase may be Sea Fur Sewing’s Lance Mackey Seal Skin Mittens with Sea Otter liners.

    The seal skin and sea otter fur combo hat keeps out all the wind, especially to the back of your neck, while tramping a cushion of warm air around your head. The hat can be a little warm if you are moving around in single digit weather, but performs flawlessly in windy extreme weather if I add my Klim Arctic Fleece-Lined Neoprene Balaclava and ski googles. In the worst weather I use a ColdAvenger® Expedition Balaclava and First Classic leather neck and chest warmer.

    I spoke directly with the Sea Fur Sewing owner and designer, Robert Miller, twice. He was very easy to reach and provided great care in understanding my particular needs for the hat.