About Me


My name is Robert Miller. I am from the Kiksadi Clan in Sitka, Alaska. My family has lived in Sitka, Alaska for hundreds of years.
I am a true believer in the subsistence way of life as my freezer is always full of fish, deer, shrimp, crab, clams and herring eggs. I am from many generations of tlingits to use Sea Otter fur to create clothing and other accessories.

My Great Grandparents, Peter and Elizabeth John, lived their lives in Sitka. My great Grandma Elizabeth's main source of income came from sewing moccasins and selling them to tourist in the summer. My Grandfather was from Angoon and lived a majority of his life in Sitka.

I enjoy falling back to my roots and continuing in my family tradition of sewing. It is very rewarding to create something out of nature and use it in the real world. 

I am very thankful for this opportunity that has been handed down through many generations!

gunalchéesh (Thank You)

My Business Motto

People often ask me why my prices are high. Here is my answer. Working in our indigenous culture equals two thing in my opinion.

1) Doing it sustainably.


2) Not underselling ourselves and our culture. 

If I were to lower my prices, of course I would sell more hats. But then what separates me from the wholesalers making mass quantities of products in an unsustainable manner? Sea mammal fur is the rarest fur in the world since ONLY Alaskan Natives can harvest and create with it. I would be doing a disservice to my culture to unsustainable harvest and mass produce it's products. 

This is authentic, handcrafted indigenous outerwear where every stitch counts.


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